IQS Team

Introducing the Joint Lab IQS team from FBH and HUB

People at Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH)

The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Berlin (FBH) is located in Berlin Adlershof and part of the science campus. Its main research area is the development of electronical and optical components based on compound semiconductors. The Joint Lab IQS activities at FBH Berlin include additive manufacturing, UHV optical systems and vacuum technology.

A portrait of Marc Christ

Marc Christ

A portrait of Benjamin Dermeik

Benjamin Dermeik

Dr. Klaus Döringshoff

A portrait of Jenichi

Dr. Jenichi Felizco

A portrait of Julien Kluge

Julien Kluge

A portrait of Markus Krutzik

Dr. Markus Krutzik

Nicolas Manrique

Mathis Müller

A portrait of Sascha Neinert

Sascha Neinert

A portrait of Sven Schwertfeger

Dr. Sven Schwertfeger

A portrait of Alisa Ukhanova

Alisa Ukhanova

A portrait of Conrad Zimmermann

Conrad Zimmermann

People at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HUB)

Part of the Joint Lab IQS is located at the Department of Physics and IRIS of Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin (HUB) in Berlin Adlershof. We currently focus on research and development of quantum technologies for space applications.

A portrait of Arash Ahmadi

Dr. Arash Ahmadi

A portrait of Oliver Anton

Oliver Anton

A portrait of Elisa Da Ros

Dr. Elisa Da Ros

A portrait of Moritz Eisebitt

Moritz Eisebitt

A portrait of Oliver Fartmann

Oliver Fartmann

A portrait of Mustafa Gündogan

Dr. Mustafa Gündoğan

A portrait of Victoria Henderson

Dr. Victoria Henderson

A portrait of Martin Jutisz

Martin Jutisz

A portrait of Simon Kanthak

Simon Kanthak

A portrait of Daniel Kohl

Daniel Kohl

Dr. Amir Mahdian

A portrait of Yagiz Murat

Yağız Murat

A portrait of Julia Pahl

Julia Pahl

A portrait of Ioannis Papadakis

Dr. Ioannis Papadakis

Christoph Pyrlik

A portrait of Daniel Reiche

Dr. Daniel Reiche

A portrait of Vladimir Schkolnik

Dr. Vladimir Schkolnik

A portrait of Max Schlösinger

Max Schlösinger

A portrait of Matthias Schoch

Matthias Schoch

A portrait of Ingmari Tietje

Dr. Ingmari Tietje

A portrait of Kirti Vardhan

Kirti Vardhan

A portrait of Saipavan Vengaladas

Saipavan Vengaladas

A portrait of Levi Wihan

Levi Wihan

A portrait of Janice Wollenberg

Janice Wollenberg

A portrait of Henri Zimmermann

Dr. Henri Zimmermann

Guest Researcher

The Joint Lab IQS is open for joint projects with guest researchers from other research institutes and universities.

A portrait of Dennis Rätsel.

Dr. Dennis Rätzel


Congrats to all people who graduated at the Joint Lab IQS. Find here all our alumni.

  • M.Sc. Gilad Kaplan
  • M.Sc. Munia Humaira
  • M.Sc. Anne Stiekel @ Corning Incorporated
  • M.Sc. Benjamin Wiegand @ Self-employed start-up
  • M.Sc. Aaron Strangfeld @ European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Sang-Eun Lee